Educational Attainment

The number of years of education a person has attended and completed, or the highest degree earned. This includes the number of elementary and high school years completed, participation in college prior to graduation, and varying levels of degree attainment (i.e. Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional, and Doctoral degrees).

Why it matters
—The overall level of resident education within county is a useful metric for economic prosperity as higher levels of education are indicative of lower unemployment rates, a more innovative workforce, and a more economically vibrant region.

Many jobs that previously required a high school graduate are becoming complex. Employers are looking for skilled workforce that can raise their productivity and make them compete nationally as well as in the global marketplace.

Over the years there is an increase in percentage of some college degree and graduate degree holders in Racine County, and at the state and national level.

In 2014, the percentage of residents with some college or less education were 67.6% in county, higher than both the state, 62.7% and the nation 62.8% whereas the percentage of bachelors or higher degree holders were little less in the county 23.5% than the state 27.4% and the nation 29.3%.

This indicator contains national, statewide, and outside region area as benchmark to place Racine County's performance in context.

Data Source
US Census Bureau, American Community Survey