If your company is looking for a new location in the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor or expanding at your current location in Racine County, contact RCEDC today. We will work with you to determine eligibility for one or more of the programs listed below:


You can also access a listing of available resources here.

Local Incentives

Many local municipalities are interested in supporting the growth of existing businesses and companies locating to their community. RCEDC works with businesses and local municipalities to explore options for financial assistance. To find out more, contact Laura Million, Business Development Manager

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State Tax Credits

Tax credits and low-interest loans are available through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to companies expanding or relocating to Wisconsin. Qualifying projects are adding jobs and making a capital investment. RCEDC works directly with qualifying businesses to complete an application for these competitive programs and with the WEDC to secure resources for your company. For more detailed information, visit: Wisconsin Department of RevenueTo find out if your project may qualify, please contact Laura Million for existing businesses and Jordan Brown for businesses locating to Racine County.

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Low-Interest Financing

RCEDC's Business Financing Division, Business Lending Partners (BLP), offers low-interest loans to finance real estate purchases, renovation, and new construction; equipment, furniture and fixtures; and in some cases working capital. Projects are funded in partnership with your company's primary lender. More information on BLP's loan programs is available at Business Lending Partners site or by contacting Carolyn Engel, Business Finance Manager.

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Racine County Matching Grant Program

Racine County offers a matching grant program to assist existing small and medium sized manufacturing, minority owned, and women-owned businesses retain and create jobs in Racine County. 
The grant offers up to $2,500 in matching grants to qualifying businesses to offset the costs for training (including the Living as a Leader and CEO Roundtable programs) and marketing initiatives. The grant requires a 50% match by the receiving company.
Click here for a printable information flyer. 
Click here to view the full eligibility list and application.

For questions regarding the Matching Grant Program contact Carolyn Engel, RCEDC's Business Finance Manager.

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Workforce Training Funds

The Racine County Workforce Development Center (WDC) works directly with employers in hiring employees and reducing the costs associated with hiring and training new employees. WDC supports companies seeking new employees through talent acquisition services such as job fairs, on-site recruitment support, and development of targeted recruitment plans. WDC also works with employers to access on-the-job training grants and customized training programs to help offset the costs of training and equipping new hires with the necessary skills for your business. For more information regarding the Workforce Development Training programs, please contact Christine Henning, Business Consultant.

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GLOBAL Business Development Program

The Global Business Development Program assists Wisconsin companies through three types of grants, which help businesses gain the insights they need to tap new international markets. The technical and financial assistance provided helps companies lay the foundation for a new export strategy or build upon existing export programs. These funds are all reimbursed upon the completion of the project and follow WEDC’s fiscal year of July 1 to June 30.

International Market Access Grant (IMAG)

Wisconsin companies can apply for reimbursement for specific expenses associated with an export project that will help to grow their presence in an international market. Requests may be for up to $10,000.

Collaborative Market Access Grant (CMAG)

This grant is designed to help industry associations, alliances, agencies, nonprofits, regional economic development organizations or other state/local departments located in Wisconsin to work with Wisconsin companies to increase exports. The grant provides pass-through reimbursed funds. Organizations may apply for up to $150,000 in assistance and no more than $15,000 per Wisconsin company.

Wisconsin ExporTech™ Graduate Assistance Project

Wisconsin companies that have completed the ExporTech Program may apply for additional funding for a federal grant that WEDC has secured. Requests may be for up to $15,000 to execute their new and expanded international market access strategies. The grant budget must be broken down into incremental stages showing a commitment to a strategic approach versus a singular project mentality.

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