Why Locate in Racine County, Wisconsin?

Racine County is a community of more than 195,000 in the heart of the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor. Businesses in Racine County enjoy the advantages of proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee, without the high cost of doing business there.


Racine County Access:

A labor force of over 1 million workers in the
Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor

Three international airports:

  • Chicago's O'Hare International Airport
  • Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport
  • Racine's Batten International Airport

Three national rail lines:

  • Canadian National
  • Canadian Pacific
  • Union Pacific

Two ports:

  • Port of Milwaukee
  • Chicago's Illinois International Port District 


Wisconsin's Strategic Location

Wisconsin is within 500 miles of:

  • 38% of all U.S. manufacturing volume
  • 31% of all U.S. manufacturing operations
  • 30% of all U.S. business operations
  • 36% of all U.S. capital investment by industry
  • 33% of all U.S. population
  • 27% of all Canadian production volume
  • 46% of all Canadian manufacturing operations
  • 22% of all Canadian population

Full pdf of above information provided here by Forward Wisconsin.