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  • Housing and Transportation Affordability Index Map Center for Neighborhood Technology had developed Housing and Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index which provides a more comprehensive way of thinking about the cost of housing and true affordability. Traditional measure of affordability recommends that housing cost no more than 30 percent of income but this benchmark ignores transportation costs, which are typically is a household's second largest expenditure. The H+T Index offers an expanded view of affordability, one that combines housing and transportation costs and sets the benchmark at no more than 45 percent of household income. The H+T Index data have implications for consumers, businesses, planners, and policy makers. 
  • Tapestry Map - Tapestry map is a "market-based" view of neighborhoods developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). This map provides information on predominant lifestyle segment that characterizes the neighborhoods based on their socio-economic and demographics and helps in identifying the best markets, most profitable consumer types, tailor marketing messages and define product and service preferences.

Racial Segregation Map -This map highlights the "bottom up" demographic change that is occurring in the United States as today's youth are considerably more racially diverse than previous predominantly white generations. This interactive feature illustrates this point by mapping the racial composition of different age groups at the county and metropolitan area scales.

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