Private Sector R & D Employment

Number of individuals in Racine County employed at firms whose primary function is research and development (R & D).

Why it matters
The majority of innovation is fueled by private sector and higher numbers of research and development employment indicates existence of high-tech firms in the area. While R & D is often thought of as synonymous with high-tech firms that are on the cutting edge of new technology, many established consumer goods companies spend large sum of money on improving old products.

—The number of employees in private sector research and development more than doubled from 2001 in Racine County and the State with limited change in the Southeast Wisconsin region. The increase in employment in research and development may be linked to increased innovation trend in Racine County and another sign of economic prosperity.

This metric contains Southeast Wisconsin and State's data as benchmark to place County's performance in the context. 

Data Source
Economic Modeling Specialists Intl.(EMSI)