Racine County Business Assistance



Why Racine County?

Racine County Wisconsin is a community of 192,000 in the heart of the Chicago-Milwaukee MegaCity.  For business, we provide the support for success: a lucrative customer base and market opportunities; local technology and talent and professional networks and associations.  Racine County provides access to one of the largest markets in the world while offering a lower cost of doing business. 

Racine County has more than 4,400 businesses and more than 450 manufacturing companies in operation. These companies are an important part of our community.  For the businesses that have chosen Racine County as their home, they experience benefits from the county’s infrastructure and logistics advantages including interstate access to the MegaCity region, rail network, port access (Milwaukee and Chicago) and international airport options.  For a list of Prominent Industries in Racine County, select here

The Business Development Team is ready to assist you with your research needs as you contemplate Racine County, WI as your location in the Chicago-Milwaukee market. Questions about market assessments, distributors, pricing of your product, land and building searches, tax information and incentives just to name a few--our team can help you navigate through all of the resources.

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Doing Business in Racine County

Our goal is to provide you with the most complete and up-to-date information to assist you in choosing Racine County as your business location.  The resources below will inform you about Racine County's important community, business, and economic statistics.  If you have need of additional information not represented here, contact our business development division.


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Infrastructure and Logistics

Racine County has an ideal transportation infrastructure network. From interstates and major highways, airports, seaports, foreign trade zones, and rail infrastructure. Business and industry have advantages of receiving raw materials and getting finished goods to markets quickly.  Select here for an interactive map detailing the transportation infrastructure network.  A detailed list of websites can be accessed below.

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