RootWorks Redevelopment
In July, 2012, the City formally adopted a strategy for redevelopment efforts in the Root River Corridor. This effort is titled RootWorks and incorporates goals and strategies to redevelop this core area of the City as well as to address water quality issues in the Root River.  The Plan broadly encompasses four main goals: Create a Sense of Place, Stimulate Economic Growth, Allow Public Interaction Access and Interaction and Improve Water Quality. Program implementation is active for key corridor projects.


Advancing the RootWorks vision, the RootWorks Area Wide Plan is funded through the generous support of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and will focus on advancing the quality of life aspects for all Racine residents aiming to achieve the vision and goals through detailed catalytic site reuse planning and detailed project recommendations. You can view the complete RootWorks AWP document here.

Machinery Row Redevelopment Project
In June of 2014, the Machinery Row redevelopment project was announced. The 20-acre site in the heart of the City of Racine will be transformed into higher-end, market-rate apartments, as well as stores, restaurants and other commercial space, under the plan from Financial District Properties, a development firm based in Davenport, Iowa. Dubbed Machinery Row, the project would be a mix of new and renovated buildings, and would kick off larger efforts to redevelop 325 acres near the river as it winds through downtown.  A link to the complete article can be found here.

A Perspective Sketch of the Machinery Row development can be seen below:

In September, 2014, the Racine City Council voted 13-0 to grant the administration’s request, approving the creation of Tax Increment Finance District 18. The vote is another step toward making the Machinery Row phase of the Root River Corridor Redevelopment Plan, called RootWorks, a reality. You can find the complete article here.

A three-part video interview with Financial District Properties, conducted by the Journal Times can be found below: