Workforce Participation

The proportion of working age residents who are currently employed or looking for work. It is also known as economic activity rate and is calculated as the ratio of labor force and the overall size of its cohort (national population of the same age range). 

Why it matters
The participation rate and unemployment data should be observed in tandem to give a better understanding of the overall employment status.

Higher levels of workforce participation are generally seen as a positive indicator of regional economic opportunity; however, other factors can affect levels of workforce participation including an aging population. 

—In 2015, roughly 65 percent of the county's working-age residents were either employed or actively looking for employment. Racine County's workforce participation rate exceeds nation's rate, but falls short of participation rates in State.

—This indicator contains national, and sate as benchmark to place County's performance in context.

Data Source
Bureau of Economic Analysis, US Census Bureau, and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development